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Alright, enough blurbing, you can find me Twitter - and steam -

See you around guys.
Half a month ago I asked myself "Am I a r4t4r|) ?"
The answer's "YES".
Yo my fellow nublets :D
Today I asked myself the question "Am I a retard ?".
I'm starting to think the answer is yes, but there's still half a month to see if I'm a retard.
Your fellow douche,
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I just upped my newest tag creations of Lil' Wayne and Kanye West.
Turned out to be sweet tags...
That's for now.
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Well tommorow it's kinda' important day for me...
First good news - I might have a chance on meeting with a girl that's potentionally interested in me and so am I in her.
Now the bad news - I'm kinda' rusty when it comes to dating and scoring chicks...only facts speak for themselves, I mean I tryed to avoid talking to this girl for what a month ? two ? That makes me a real douche, no...I couldn't agree more on that. Actually the right word for me is - PUSSY. Plain and simple...well wish me luck out there tommorow, and may the force be with me...and please may I don't mess things up..
See you around,
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Today I nearly became WoW addict again, but I managed to stop playing, because I got bored...again.
See the game is not so addictive afterall I mean, I've watched tons and tons of videos about people addict to the game, and I can't understand any of these people.
Well the good thing is that me being a Sleepy person, and I hardly get interested by MMO's makes me immune to these addictions.
Hello from boredom kingdom,
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Oh another boring day spent on half sleeping, half watching movies...why not.
This "vacation" turned out to be great for me and my ankle, because I don't have to walk that much. I've gotten a litle lazy when it comes to GFX-ing..let's say that I'm lack of inspiration and shit.
Tommorow (a.k.a. The 6th of May) is called George's day or in Bulgarian Gergiovden.
In that matter I wish all the Georgis(Georges if you like) round Deviant a happy celebration, health and mostly luck (something I seem to be lack off lately ;))
See you around
Your homie,
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Yo to all my watchers, guess which bitch is back on deviant :)
After a while I'm back here, alive and kicking sons.
What so now they delete my deviations ? Probably some of you remember the big Joker sig I did for Ledger's fans, well someone deleted it due Copyright Violation ? OK I don't get how I break the copirights of any one, when I got a poster straight from google,edited it in Photoshop for about 40-50 minutes,uploaded it to Deviant Art and then(i do that with all my creations due lack of space on my HDD)I deleted it from my HDD.
Here's the note I received...personally I think this is bullshit.

The administrator who deleted your deviation added the following:

Deleted due to Copyright Violation

The work(s) listed below have been removed by staff as a violation of the deviantART copyright policy. Your deviantART submissions must consist entirely of your own work or valid stock resources and must not include works from copyrighted sources.

Please read our Copyright Policy and if you have any questions or believe this removal to be an error please contact the deviantART Help Desk

Title: Here's my card - The Joker
URL: [link]
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I love you , You love me , We all love each other - Love is in the air , Stop being such a pushbag!
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  • Reading: An English book for HW
  • Watching: Movies on both TV and PC
  • Playing: WoW,CS
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